A residential area adjacent to the Hämeenlinna Railway Station

Background: invited competition 2014, 1st prize
Type: detail plan, building and courtyard design
Client: City of Hämeenlinna, YIT
Status: under construction
Timeline: 2014 –
Location: Keinusaari, Hämeenlinna, Finland
Scope of project: 60 000 m² housing, 7000 m² commercial
Team: Sami Heikkinen (partner in charge), Antti Haataja (project architect), Anna-Kaisa Aalto (landscape arch. in charge), Anni-Mari Anttola, Timo Arjanko, Leena Buller, Emilia Ellilä, Kaisa Karvinen, Maiju Lehtimäki, Lassi Luotonen, Martin McLean, Miika Vuoristo
Competition phase: Sami Heikkinen (partner in charge), Vesa Humalisto, Antti Lehto, Emilia Ellilä, Otto Heinonen, Kaisa Karvinen, Miika Vuoristo, Martin McLean
Photography: Martin Sommerschield (Kuvio Ltd)

The apartment blocks are arranged around an old factory at the edge of a lakeshore woodland and existing urban fabric.


The site is adjacent to Hämeenlinna Railway Station, a kilometre from the town centre. The competition area is surrounded by the valuable landscape of the Vanajavesi lake.

Interlocking urban and green space

Meandering perimeter volumes spill out into the green areas without expanding the footprint of the constructed area. Old factory buildings are situated at the heart of the scheme.

The new volumes are carefully adjusted to the site. The effects of the new building volumes on existing landscape and distant views were carefully analyzed by our landscape architects.

Well connected

A chain of public spaces leads from the station through an old factory down to the shores of a lake.

Massive brick architecture

The setting back of the upper floors of the buildings ties them in with the scale of the old industrial milieu.

A stepped point block serves as a landmark for the local area.

From master plan to realization

We drew up the local detailed plan in co-operation with traffic and infrastructure specialists.

Innovative parking

The large parking facility is divided into functional slices to break down its scale and enable phasing of construction.

The new city fabric brings up site’s potentials – urban yet natural setting, old industrial ambience and the proximity to the railway station.