Lamminrahka master plan

Background: open competition 2009, 1st prize
Type: master plan, landscape analysis and planning, stormwater management plan, quality manual
Status: planning completed
Timeline: 2011–2015
Location: Lamminrahka, Kangasala, Finland
Scope of project: 100 000 m² housing (330 ha)
Team: Vesa Humalisto (partner in charge), Anna-Kaisa Aalto, Sami Heikkinen, Antti Lehto, Ville Mellin, Miika Vuoristo
Collaborators: Ramboll Finland, WSP Finland, Egnahem

A new master plan for a sensitive natural setting.


Lamminrahka lies between Tampere and Kangasala in central Finland.


The assignment was to design a new master plan to suit a natural setting with valuable species and features. Our approach was to carry out a landscape analysis taking into account the key natural values of the area.

Urban and natural

The resilience of the ecosystem has been maintained. The connected network of green areas benefits the inhabitants and the natural environment alike.

Adjusted to nature

The built-up area network has been carefully adjusted to the natural environment. This has enabled us to design unique and lively neighbourhoods rather than an anonymous sprawl.

Easy access

The area and its services are easily reached by bicycle and along pleasant pedestrian pathways.

Careful water management

A stormwater management plan prevents any negative effects on the protected lake, into which almost all the run-off water from the area flows. Runoff is exploited as a positive resource that vitalizes the urban landscape in an ecologically sustainable way.

The scheme has had international recognition as a case study in landscape urbanism.