Rullakkotori square and community centre

Type: Building and square design
Client: City of Helsinki
Status: planning in progress
Year: 2017–
Location: Pohjois-Pasila, Helsinki, Finland
Size: 3250 m² square, 1185 m² community centre
Team: Anna-Kaisa Aalto (landscape architect in charge), Anni-Mari Anttola, Leena Buller, Antti Lehto (partner
in charge, building design), Hanna Mattila (project architect), Antti Haataja, Timo Arjanko, Emilia Ellilä,
Timo Paananen

An active hub and a relaxed environment to encourage
communal activities.


Rullakkotori Square is the main public space in the new Postipuisto area. A multi-purpose community centre will be located in the square.

A new kind of community centre

The main objective of the community centre is to
share spaces, reinforcing social networks in the
area. All the housing companies in the neighbourhood
are participating in its planning, financing and

Encouraging activity

The architecture of the building is created by five
“boxes” and a folding roof resting on them. The
glass-clad spaces between the boxes open the
building and its activities to the environment.
The community centre serves as a versatile gathering
space for the residents of the area. The spaces
of different sizes and types enable a wide range of
uses and functions.

The square and the building as a whole

The external space of Rullakkotori Square extends visually and functionally into the interior of the community centre.

The long eaves of the building extend over the
square and create sheltered places to stay at the
interface between the building and the square.

With its meandering shape, the community centre
invites the residents to the heart of Postipuisto.