Study on circular design in timber construction

INARO is involved in Jätkäsaari Circular Economy Block, where we are planning youth apartments for NAL Asunnot. The planning started with a study on circular economy solutions in construction published last autumn. As a sequel to that report, we studied circular design solutions in the context of timber construction. The project is part of the Ministry of the Environment’s Growth and Development from Wood aid scheme.

In this study, we explore the use of wood, the status of timber construction in Finland and the current recycling practices of demolition wood. In addition, we look into alternatives to burning demolition wood from the perspectives of resource efficiency and reuse. After the literature review, the report presents design solutions what kind of circular design solutions following circular economy strategies could mean in the context of wood construction. The strategies come from the synthesis of the previous report.

The picture summarizes circular economy design strategies in wood construction. Read more about the report, which can be downloaded here (in Finnish only).