Study on circular economy design strategies in construction

INARO is involved in the Jätkäsaari Circular Economy Block, where we are designing wooden apartments for young adults for NAL Asunnot. As a basis for the design, we conducted a study to understand what the circular economy is all about, why it is important in the construction industry, and how its realization can be promoted in design. The project is part of the Ministry of the Environment’s Growth and Development from Wood -aid scheme.

Based on the literature review, we created a synthesis of design strategies following the principles of circular economy in the construction industry. In the synthesis, the design strategies (avoiding new construction, optimizing building components and materials, and extending the life cycle) and the built environment subdivisions (site, structure, skin, systems, lightweight structures, and material flows) are cross-tabulated to present strategic design solutions in different parts of the building and yard. The synthesis will be used as a basis for the design of the Circular Economy Block, the results of which will be reported later.

The report can be downloaded here (in Finnish only).

Pictured is our presentation on the circular economy of construction, based on the butterfly diagram by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.