Prikitie semi-detached houses

Type: building and courtyard design, designed in collaboration with Futudesign Ltd
Client: Woodberg Ltd
Status: completed
Timeline: 2018–2020
Location: Jollas, Helsinki, Finland
Scope of project: 400 m² (4 apartments)
Team: Antti Lehto, Aleksi Niemeläinen (Futudesign), Tuomas Voutilainen, Anni-Mari Anttola, Antti Haataja, Daniel Reini
Photography: Martin Sommerschield (Kuvio Ltd)

Quality of living and durability through simplicity.

Complementary construction of maritime Helsinki

Prikitie 12 consists of two semi-detached houses and is located in Jollas, in the Laajasalo district of Helsinki.

Quality of living in focus

The kitchen and living areas are located on the top floor, offering long views over the neighbouring buildings.

The open kitchen and dining area opens in three directions and bathes in light following the rotation of the sun.

The balcony has been designed as a fairly large and easy-to-furnish extension to the living room.

The patio is protected by timber battens, which give privacy to people cooling off after sauna in the basement.

Reinterpretation of traditional building methods

The apartments are designed with natural ventilation. The vertical shafts are centered in the heart of the apartment next to the staircase.

The thermal insulation capacity of a 250 mm thick solid wood wall is sufficient without a separate insulation layer. The building is heated by geothermal energy.

The graceful steel structure of the balcony creates a contrast to the robust solid wood.

Clear and simple solutions perfect the modern wooden house.