Aviapolis Centre

Type: detail plan
Client: AVIA Real Estate Oy
Status: planning completed
Timeline: 2020–2023
Location: Aviapolis, Vantaa, Finland
Scope of project: 43 ha / 108 000 m² housing and commercial
Team: Sami Heikkinen (partner in charge), Ville Mellin (project architect), Anna-Kaisa Aalto (landscape arch. in charge), Emilia Ellilä, Arianna Scotoni, Miia Ranta-aho, Lassi Luotonen, Valtteri Hautsalo, Juha Riihelä, Aleksanda Borzecka, Daniel Reini, Viktoria Mazaeva

Aviapolis centre is a functionally versatile airport city, with nature at centre stage.


Aviapolis centre is situated in Vantaa, in close proximity to Finland’s main airport. The distance to the city centre, Tikkurila, is about 6 km.

Traffic hub

The centre of Aviapolis already has a substantial public transport network, and has been designed for a thriving pedestrian and cycle traffic scheme, as well as a future tram service.

New and improved boulevard

Running directly though the heart of the urban centre, Aviabulevardi is a busy public transport route and also an appealing urban space designed for occupation by the area’s inhabitants. Pockets of calm are created by the careful placing of trees and bays inset from the main street line, reducing speed and transferring attention to the amenities and commercial spaces lining the street.

A tripartite vision

The southern centre of Aviapolis is built around three bold elements: an active urban boulevard, natural features which are to be preserved and enhanced, and a group of diversified residential blocks. Together these form a foundation for the development of an appealing area for residents and employees alike.

Urban living and commercial facilities are concentrated along the busy Aviabulevardi. The location of public transport brings customers to commercial premises from further afield.

The rocky terrain at the centre of the residential neighbourhood is to be preserved. The area is interspersed with pockets of rocky forest and built landscaping. Forested recreational areas are in close proximity to the residential blocks. The large block courtyards are characterized by existing rocky outcrops and stands of mature trees.

Communal spirit is encouraged by the location of verdant gardens at ground level. The residential blocks are of efficient design, but courtyards are opened to natural light and offer residents a diversity of activities. Varied courtyard spaces form a unique heart for each unit, a framework for resident encounters therein.

An abundance of services creates an active framework for urban living in an unspoiled natural environment.