Lasihytti-district detail plan approved in Espoo

Espoo City Council has approved the detail town plan for the Lasihytti district, located south of the Kauklahti railway station in Espoo. INARO’s role in the planning process has been to draw up reference plans for the district’s eastern fringe in both the Lillbassinranta and Asemanranta areas.

The focal points of our design work were the fusion of contrasting living patterns in the area’s city-central and village-like environments, greenery for public and private areas, and enhancing the general quality of the area’s townscape. The scale of built form is compact, but also diverse.

Transport in the area is based primarily on pedestrian, cycle and public transport routes, which will be greatly enhanced by a future rail link which extends as far as Kauklahti. Solutions for private cars are practicable and safe.

Significant factors have been the natural value of the adjacent Espoonjoki (River Espoo), recreational connections to Espoonjokilaakso (Espoo River valley) and its important heritage landscape. Residential blocks facing the river valley form a dynamic and fine-grained edge between urban and natural environments.