INARO awarded two plots in the Re-thinking Urban Housing programme!

INARO have been commissioned to design exciting new forms of living on two plots in Helsinki. In this round of the Re-thinking Urban Housing programme’s plot allocation, one plot has been reserved for a hybrid massive timber apartment building (developer Oulun Rakennusteho), and a second for a ’flexible block’ (Joustokortteli, developer A-Kruunu ja Asuntosäätiö).

The massive timber apartment building will enrich traditional concrete and masonry cityscape with its uniqueness. Interior wooden surfaces can be left exposed by virtue of the hybrid construction, creating a homely atmosphere.  As a solution, any construction in massive, engineered timber is a notable carbon sink and components are easily recyclable at the end of their life span. Building in massive timber complements the benefits of hybrid construction, provides a fresh face to the urban scene and a new living experience for residents.

The flexible block concept introduces a new type of apartment building combining work, living and recreation facilities. Residential units, communal spaces and outdoor areas are designed to be adjustable to the needs of the residents, which in turn extends the life cycle of the building. Residential space zones and their complementary ’flexible spaces’ are situated on adjacent floors, which creates a necessary separation in terms of privacy. The basic functions of the building are expressed in its architecture, generating an individual urban character. Simple massing and variations in height work together in creating a diverse urban landscape.