Detail plan for the Linnainmaa tram depot hybrid block open for comments

INARO has been collaborating with the city of Tampere to design a new home for the city’s expanding tram fleet. A new hybrid block is planned to include a new tram depot, a swimming hall and sport facilities, and additional connecting parking for the tram users. Located along the planned tram route towards Linnainmaa, the new depot is needed as the tram network is expected to expand to the neighboring Pirkkala and Ylöjärvi municipalities in the coming years.

The plan has not only been guided by the new functions of the block, but also its significant location in the cityscape. The block is expanding the district center of Koilliskeskus towards the west and the new tram stop will create pedestrian-focused space around the new swimming hall.

The plan also includes a new pedestrian bridge to connect the tram stop to the green areas located northside of the block.

The detail plan proposal can be commented until the 7th of May 2024. Link to the material.