A better walking environment for Helsinki

INARO, in collaboration with Ramboll, conducted a study for the City of Helsinki on the quality of the walking environment in Kallio district. The aim was to study how street space could be made more comfortable. We analyzed the current green network, traffic volumes, pavement materials and street level functions. The result of the study was a proposal for a street network and sketches of two different types of streets.

The commercial streets are characterized by a considerable number of retail spaces at street level and a large number of people doing business in them. These streets could be developed by arranging functions into clear lanes and narrowing the carriageways. The planting zone offers space for large trees, and terraces for business premises.

There are fewer commercial premises and fewer people on the green streets. They could be developed as park streets, emphasizing the impression of greenery with the placement of vegetation and a diverse range of species.

The report (in Finnish) is available here.